is holding its semi-yearly 20% off sale–an additional 20% off all non-advance items, that is. Their regular discounts are not always as deep as they used to be, but even so, this is the best time of year to grab big box sets. For instance, they are selling that James Bond Ultimate set for $179 (about a hundred bucks off list), so with an additional 20% off, it’s more like $145, for 22 movies on 44 discs. Not too shabby. And don’t forget all the recent “full run” DVD sets on TV shows like Land of the Giants, the X-Files, Twin Peaks, etc.

Something I never knew is that DVD Planet does this at the same time. Sometimes their prices are cheaper, so I’d check your list on Dvdpricesearch, see which site is selling each item cheapest, and make two orders.

These sales require codes that you input at checkout. For DVD Planet, there’s one code, but it may be resusable through Nov 21st: 20offsale.

In contrast, Deepdiscountdvd has numerous codes, which may be used once each. SUPERSALE I know works, as does PRICESEARCH, and in the past DVDTALK and USATODAY have as well. There are probably others should you need them, just Google for them.

As far as I know, DVDPlanet’s sale runs through the 21st, and DDD’s through the 25th.  Certainly they will both be running through this weekend.  Anyway, don’t forget the holidays are approaching, so you could do worse than use this for presents.

In fact, let me start with what I still consider the biggest DVD release of the last several years, the 60 cartoon Popeye The Sailor 1933-1938.  Just astounding stuff.  Even better, you can for the next week or so really knock a hefty amount off the price tag via Deepdiscountdvd’s 20% off sale.  They currently list the set at $42.89 (from the $64.95 list), so an additional 20% would reduce that by a further eight bucks and change.  So that’s about $35!!  You can’t beat that.