You might be thinking to yourself, “those lazy bastards at Stomp Tokyo are just trying to put some positive spin on the fact that their contribution to the Month of the Living Dead roundtable is two weeks late,” and you’d be right, dear reader. But look at it this way – isn’t it nice when you get a birthday present a few weeks late? Doesn’t it feel great to extend the celebration of your very existence beyond the single day allotted to you each year?

Why should the Month of the Living Dead be any different?

With that rather convenient attitude in mind, Stomp Tokyo presents a review of The Zombie Diaries (2006), a quiet little zombie pic from across the pond. If you listen closely, you can hear the zombies moan with British accents.

Other recent developments from the House of Stomp: a celebration of 11 years of inconsistent b-movie coverage and a new episode of the Stomp Tokyo podcast. It’s an embarrassment of riches, really. Gorge yourself like the cinezombie you are.