fvj.jpgIt’s Freddy Vs Jason! It’s Ken Vs Lyz! Who will walk away with whose severed head!? Who will survive and what will be left of them!?

Freddy Vs Jason (2003) at Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension

Freddy Vs Jason (2003) at AYCYAS!

Then join us as Ken takes a crash course in the Friday The 13th franchise; as Lyz demonstrates that she might have had a viable career as a Legal Aid attorney by mounting a defence of Jason Voorhees (“….and while it is true, Your Honour, that the defendent did kill 160 people over a period of 20 years….”); and as Ken and Lyz gawp in astonishment at each other upon being confronted by a true rara avis: a well-written, intelligently constructed modern horror film.