After this initial orgy of monster mayhem, the rest of Contra los Monstruos unfolds as a rapid series of vignettes in which the monsters, the evil Blue Demon, and the green-faced zombies, in various combinations–though most frequently as one large and unruly group–attack Santo and try to kidnap Gloria, leading in most cases to a chaotic monster-on-wrestler free-for-all. (Seriously, if anyone was entrusted with the job of fight choreographer for Contra los Monstruos, that person took a very Free Jazz approach to his or her craft.) First evil Blue ambushes Santo in a lovers’ lane where he and Gloria are making out in Santo’s car (Santo really gets quite a lot of action in this movie). Next Santo takes on the Cyclops in an awesome scene in which Santo, after finding his usual hand-to-hand techniques ineffective, picks up a piece of wood and starts repeatedly clubbing the Cyclops on his big rubbery head. This is followed by an all monster attack on Otto and Gloria’s home–a scene that is most impressive for how the negligee-clad Gloria, fending off The Vampire’s attack, somehow manages in the course of her life-and-death struggle to put on underwear.

And in other news…

Jet Set Cinema takes a look at Space Patrol Orion, Some Girls Do, Fantomas, Naked Runner, Assault on a Queen, and Teptress of a Thousand Faces.

Shrimp Chips investigates Mad Mission, Fantabulous, Payback, Breakheart Pass,   Love and Bullets, Invisible Dr. Mabuse, Return of Dr. Mabuse, The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, Song Bird, I The Jury, Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace, and well — more than I can recount here.

And while Todd and David have been busy keeping the Film sections fresh, I’ve been farting around with the Leisure section with visits to the Prehistoric Forest near Sandusky,  the haunted Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, the mine fire ravaged town of Centralia, and some notes on buying one’s first pair of rock climbing shoes.

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