For much of the film, Don alternates between more modern dress — slick slim-cut suits, hooded sweatshirts, and so on — and an array of garish shirts from the “Amitabh ’78” collection. But the crowning achievement is the innovation of the “inner tie,” a brightly colored tie worn around one’s bare neck rather than around the shirt collar, and then tucked into the shirt itself at the neck (or, if you have a chest like Shahrukh, a couple inches down from the neck, where you finally get around to fastening some buttons). I know, I know! It sounds absolutely ludicrous, and it is. Go on, try it. I did. See? You look like an idiot, don’t you? But look at Shahrukh Don. That’s right — it looks awesome on him. How is this possible? We mere mortal men will probably never know.