resize.jpg“On June 10, Sony will release a 2-DVD set called “Icons of Adventure: The Hammer Films Collection Vol. 1”. The set will include THE STRANGLERS OF BOMBAY, THE TERROR OF THE TONGS, PIRATES OF BLOOD RIVER and DEVIL SHIP PIRATES. According to Sony’s publicity site, all four titles will be presented in their original aspect ratios with anamorphic enhancement. All four titles will have audio commentaries (some of them with legendary Hammer screenwriter Jimmy Sangster), and other extras will include original theatrical trailers, the cartoon: “The Merry Mutineers” (1936), Chapter One of the Serial: “The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd” (1951) and the short subject: “Hot Paprika” (1935) starring Andy Clyde. The SRP is $24.96. Note that this is “Vol. 1” of a “Hammer Films Collection.” “

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