For the few of you who keep track of such things, I am phasing out updating the Leisure section of Teleport City in order to focus the site on the reason everyone comes to it: film. The Leisure material is being migrated, along with a bunch of new stuff, to The Astounding Cabinet of Wonders:

Click on it now and you can see pictures of me climbing, which looks bad-ass as long as you don’t know that 1) that’s a picture of me realizing I have nowhere else to go, and 2) some barefoot little Bad News Bear looking kid scurried up the same route immediately after I dropped down.

But none of that will prepare you for A-Chan, the little girl who makes me hate not liking children, because she reminds me that some little kids are beyond awesome and at like age 7 have the climbing skills of a fearless gibbon.

And now, back to trying to finish my review of Pepe Le Moko and Algiers.