The more work I have to do during the day, the more I tend to goof off. So today I installed MeidaWiki on Teleport City. Now I’m wondering what the hell to do with it. The obvious answer is something to do with cult films. Actually, the obvious answer is, “Shouldn’t you be working on your query letters so you can get out of this tech writer hell in which you currently reside and get back to being a real writer?”

But given that I’m not going to pay attention to that one, a cult film wiki seems like it might be another fun project to work hard on for a month then let linger for years. But as it would be a wiki, that means OTHER people could carry on the good work of telling people more about important stuff, like John Agar.  When I’ve figured out the basic editing for the front page, I’m gonna let this sucker loose on people to work on for free!

Completely gratuitous? A waste of time? Absolutely.

I would cal this a sneak peek if it was anything other than the vanilla default front page that comes with the install:

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