Death Trip
Once Death Trip has gotten Walker and Rowland effectively teamed up and its villains clearly established, it proceeds with a series of set pieces in which the gang make alternating attempts to kill both Leyla and Jenny, all of which are foiled in high style by Jo and Tom. Finally the Green Hounds, realizing that Rowland has pulled a switch-a-roo on them with the LSD, kidnap him in order to get him to divulge where the real stash is hidden. Rowland ends up imprisoned along with Leyla, Giselda and Hood in the Hounds’ desert camp, which is located in a network of caves in a region aptly named the Valley of a Thousand Hills. It’s up to Walker to rescue him, and in the attempt he employs a desert sheik disguise that, for all its ridiculousness, is still less silly than the lemonade vendor get-up he sports in an earlier sequence.

Plus, for your added amusement…

I have finally added an Index of Shrimp Chip reviews and will be doing the same for Jet Set Cinema and The Hell of 50 Movie Pack. The index gets updated at the end of every week.

And for your further further amusement…

Episode 1 of the Teleport City Video Podcast is live! This has been a long time coming, and it has nothing to do with movie reviews (it’s a travel and adventure show). It should be available in iTunes within the next day or two (it has been approved), but until then, you can follow the link above to either subscribe or watch it on YouTube.

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