So I’ve been unofficially running a theme for the summer called “Oceans Against Us,” celebrating the many ways in which the vast majority of the Earth’s surface can rise up to give us trouble. Whether it’s facilitating attack by giant squid or serving as a highway for pirates, the ocean is a terrible and mighty force. What can we mere mortals hope to pit against it?

How about Blue Demon and El Santo?

Santo Vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis
Ten years into his film career, Santo had already faced off against zombies, witches, mummies, mad scientists, vampires of both the male and female variety, hatchet-wielding ghosts, homicidal table lamps, and Martians. So it was only a matter of time before the denizens of Atlantis got to the front of the queue. When that time came, Santo would also find himself mixing it up onscreen for the first time with one of his greatest adversaries from — and I use the term advisedly — the “real world” of lucha libre. And just who would that adversary be? Well, I could try to be coy about it, but the journalistic specificity of Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis‘ title would render the effort redundant.