I know all too well that many of you more adventurous viewers out there have already suffered disappointment at the hands of Bollywood. You’ve perhaps picked up a dvd because its cover bore a picture of, say, Amitabh Bachchan in shades and a bowtie carrying a scope rifle with something blowing up in the background, only to find that the movie contained therein had a couple of underwhelming action set pieces, but was mostly three hours of some guy crying about his mom. Rest assured, however, that Qurbani is not that film. Delivering on the promise of it’s pulsating theme and “Hulk smash” opening titles, the film goes on to entertain the hell out of you — all the while teaching you that it’s okay for two extremely manly men to tenderly cup one another’s faces in their hands while looking at each other like they’re maybe going to kiss.