Hey, cool! Another DVD release I can embarrass myself over in public!

On October 28th, Grindhouse will release a double-disc Collector’s Edition of Juan Piquer’s Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche / Pieces. This will be uncut and widescreen anamorphic, with an optional Spanish soundtrack featuring the original score by Librado Pastor.

After Metropolis, this probably only counts as a minor miracle, but who’s complaining? Severin Films will be producing the first official DVD release of Mario Caiano’s Amanti D’Olltretomba / Nightmare Castle, starring Barbara Steele, after a good quality, uncut negative of the film was discovered in a storage vault in Rome.

This just in! On July 29th, Warners will be releasing a trio of science fiction double-bills: World Without End + Satellite In The Sky (I’ve always felt that was a good place for a satellite); When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (yo, Keith!!) + Moon Zero Two; and Battle Beneath The Earth + The Ultimate Warrior. The bad news for those of us who don’t happen to live down the street from the Brothers Warner is that these releases will be Best Buy exclusives. Thank Jabootu for eBay.

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