Coolest thing ever!  Chicago’s Portage Theater on Saturday, Aug 23rd will be showing THREE classic big bug movies.

5:45  PM  Beginning of the End Going in reverse quality order, I see.  Bert I. Gordon’s classic tale of the giant grasshoppers that ate Chicago.  See!  Giant monsters walk off buildings and onto open air!  See!  The mountains that define the Midwest!  See!  Peter Graves wonder why his brother was in The Thing from Another World and Them!, and he was in this and Killers from Space

7:45 PM  The Black Scorpion  Willis “King Kong” O’Brien did the awesome stop-motion effects for this flick, and that’s ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

9:45 PM  Them!  What’s that?!  My favorite monster movie of all time, PLAYING ON A HUGE THEATER SCREEN?!  I’m so there!!


Also at the Portage this month, Creature of the Black Lagoon plays this Saturday night, with Creature portrayer Ricou Browning signing autographs!

Fans of schlock, meanwhile, will want to check out the mini-marathon run at the theater on Aug 16th, featuring The Hills Have Eyes (the real one), The Tingler, The Deadly Spawn, Slumber Party Massacre, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Machine Girl, and a documentary on William Castle.  All for $17!!