After – jeez, what is it? nearly two years? – of being jerked around by The Idiot Brothers, Greg Mclean’s killer croc film Rogue finally hits the US street on DVD today. Although it does go a bit over-the-top towards the end, particularly in the area of Hero’s Death Battle Exemption (so what else is new?), Rogue is a commendably straight-faced effort full of good special effects, interesting character touches (you won’t guess who lives and dies) and some absolutely spectacular cinematography. Recommended.

If you don’t feel like lining the Weinsteins’ pockets, the Region 4 version will be released September 4th.

In related news, Urban Cinephile ┬áreports that the other Australian killer croc film, Black Water, has now secured distribution in 76 countries. Nice if ours were among them, hey? Black Water is notable for, among other things, having “the Northern Territory” played by a southern Sydney area two suburbs away from where I live. And the bastards didn’t invite me!!!! Aw, hell, I guess I’ll see it anyway…..always supposing.

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