On October 21st, BCI Eclipse will release a double-disc Collector’s Edition of William Grefé’s killer snake film, Stanley. What an age we live in, hey? Stanley stars Chris Robinson as a Seminole Vietnam vet who uses his connection with rattlesnakes to enact vengeance on his enemies. (“Stanley” is the lead snake’s name, BTW.) The film will be anamorphic widescreen, and will come accompanied by commentaries by Grefé and his screenwriter, Gary Crutcher; a 50-minute documentary on the making of the film; and a featurette in which Grefé re-visits locations. In theory, this one’s right up my alley; but given that the film notoriously contains as much real snake killing as its re-make, The Jaws Of Death, did real shark killing….I’m not so sure.

More Warners news. On October 7th, double-discs of The Shuttered Room and It!, and The Brides Of Fu Manchu and The Chamber Of Horrors, will be released. (Odd choice of order, considering that Warners also holds the rights to revered horror icon Christopher Lee’s first outing as the oriental mastermind, The Face Of Fu Manchu.) Again, these will be Best Buy exclusives….although they may not remain so. The previous Warner/Best Buy discs will be re-released for general sale in October. HOWEVER— Word on the street is that Warners’ use of the R-rated cut of When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (translation: boobies) was a mistake; and that when the film is re-released, they will substitute the G-rated cut (translation: no boobies). So if boobies are of any particular interest to you, you might want to pick up a Best Buy copy ASAP.

(And a public shout-out to Scott Hamilton for nabbing me copies of the first three BB releases.)

Oops! This one nearly slipped by me. September 9th will see the release of the Fox Horror Classics Collection Volume 2. Using the term “horror” rather loosely, this set will consist of the gothic melodrama Dragonwyck, starring Vincent Price and Gene Tierney; the long-MIA Chandu The Magician, with Bela Lugosi in one of his rare post-Dracula hero roles; and Dr Renault’s Secret, with George Zucco as a mad scientist dabbling in Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know.

September 9th also sees a whole slew of earlier releases from MGM/Fox re-packaged as triple-disc sets (although sometimes with four films). The quality of the sets varies from the surprisingly good to the you-gotta-be-kidding-me. This buyer is eyeing off the “Stay Out Of The Water” set (The Alligator People, Lake Placid and Swamp Thing), but there’s something there for most tastes. Details here.

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