Scientists baffled by giant shrimp in Ukraine

Tests are being carried out on a strange creature caught in the Donetsk region of western Ukraine. Images of the weird shrimp-like animal were first captured on a mobile phone camera.

Scientist failed to identify the creature immediately but suspect it could be related to the tadpole shrimp.

These creatures inhabit every continent and can live in virtually any watery area, including puddles.

However, the tadpole shrimp, one of the oldest animals on Earth, does not usually grow bigger than 5-6 centimetres, while the creature caught in Ukraine was almost 20 centimetres long.

Note to Russian Journalists:  I know it’s hard to keep focused on such stuff, what with your president murdering you guys all the time, but when picking a photo for an object that’s reportedly huge, something in the photo to scale it against is always helpful.


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