Hey, you know that romantic comedy triple pack you had to bite your tongue and be polite about? There’s a bonanza of upcoming releases you can exchange it for!

4flies1Of course, the big news is that Dario Argento’s long, long, long MIA Four Flies On Grey Velvet is finally getting the treatment it deserves from Mya Communication (who appear to be a new incarnation of NoShame USA), which will be released uncut and remastered on 24th February. Mya will also be releasing—-oops! has released (27th December) the Argento produced and co-directed Door Into Darkness, four one-hour TV horrors, as a two-disc set.

Manskirts ahoy! Image Entertainment have announced The HERCULES Collection herculespromofor 31st March, a four disc set that will gather together no less than nine pepla: Hercules, Mole Men Against The Son Of Hercules, Hercules The Avenger, Hercules And The Black Pirate, Hercules And The Captive Women, Hercules, Prisoner Of Evil, Hercules And The Princess Of Troy, Atlas In The Land Of The Cyclops and Giants Of Rome. There is some cause for concern in the comment that “most” of these films will be widescreen (I’ve been after a widescreen print of Hercules And The Captive Women for years, so I’d lay odds that’s one of the ones that isn’t), but you can’t argue with the price: $19.98.

Shriek Show will be issuing a remastered, anamorphic version of Alan Rudolph’s Barn Of The Naked Dead aka Terror Circus, starring AYCYAS! crush Andrew Prine, on 27th January. Meanwhile, El Santo’s good friends at Severin Films have recently acquired the rights to another former Video Nasty, Expose aka House On Straw Hill, starring Udo Kier, Fiona Richmond, and a great deal more of Linda Hayden than you might expect. Severin have also announced that their upcoming release of Nightmare Castle will include a lengthy chat-featurette with Barbara Steele. Still no firm release date for that one bollywoodcollectionno21(“Summer 2009”), although the project seems to be well along the way. Speaking of Barbara, the good news is that new label Midnight Choir is releasing on 24th February a double disc of The Long Hair Of Death with An Angel For Satan; the bad news is that behind Midnight Choir is Johnny Legend, so caveat emptor.sharks_in_venice_thumb1

Mondo Macabro, bless ’em, will be releasing The Bollywood Horror Collection Volume 2 on 31st March, serving up two more Ramsay Brothers efforts: Veerana and Purani Haveli. The former is a serious vampire story whose mix of sex and horror got the Ramsays into trouble; the latter is a haunted house story that allows the brothers to dabble in a bit of self-parody. Also early next year, Onar Films will release the Turkish giallo Kadin Dusmani aka Woman Despiser.  BUY THESE FILMS, PEOPLE!! These guys need and deserve our support.

First Look probably don’t deserve our support, but… On 27th January, First Look will be releasing Sharks In Venice. If ever a film was sold on its title and poster, this is it; AIP would be proud of this one. (Also note the complete  absence of star Stephen Baldwin’s name.) First Look will also be bundling five previous releases into the Shark Attack Pack: Shark Hunter, Dark Waters, Shark Zone, Blue Demon and Hammerhead; the set will be available from 6th January.

(Thank you, Nathan!)

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