I hope you’ve all been saving your pennies. This weekend in Dallas, an extraordinary collection of horror movie memorabilia will be auctioned, including an original one-sheet for the Lon Chaney version of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, an Argentinian poster for London After Midnight, and the jewel in the crown, an original one-sheet for Dracula that was obviously produced before the film was completed and released, as it features a scene aboard the Demeter. There is a serious chance that the standing record for a poster sale, US$443,000 for an original one-sheet for The Mummy, will be broken: the opening bid for the Dracula poster stands at US$100,000. The London After Midnight poster, conversely, starts at a mere US$17,500.

What global economic crisis?

The same auction also carries a series of posters for Mickey Mouse cartoons (including one for The Mad Doctor that I really want), an insert for Freaks (speaking of great taglines: Can a full-grown woman really love a midget – ? Classy, MGM, classy), and a lobby card set for Mad Love. Oh, and there’s also an original one-sheet for Citizen Kane, but who cares about that, right?

[Edited to add: ooh, and an original poster for The Adventures Of Robin Hood, at just US$7,500. Want!]

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