One of those’ll be coming along in a day or two, though, so you can just hold your horses on that one.  No, this post is about SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION!  Specifically, I’m here to tout the much-belated release of Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 2.  You might find that odd at first brush, but if you look closely in among all the gloriously unapologetic wiz-bangy short fiction, both old and new, you’ll find a little column called “The Televisualizer.”  That’s my column, wherein you’ll find a trio of DVD reviews that have never appeared at 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting, nor ever will in this exact form.  The Thrilling Wonder Stories web-store is selling the book for a substantial discount under the intended retail price, so you should all click over and buy one.  If enough people do that, there might even be a volume 3 one of these days…

Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 2

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