To tell the truth, the most shorthand way for me to paint a word picture of King Kong in your mind is to say that he looks almost exactly like Ken Davitian, the guy who naked wrestled with Sacha Baron Cohen in the Borat movie — which means that, shirtless, he displays varieties of male cleavage that you previously could never have imagined possible. This resemblance furthermore has the unwelcome result of me feeling, whenever I see King Kong on screen — and he is a fairly ubiquitous presence in Dara Singh’s movies — that I have a pretty good idea of what he looks like naked. Of course, this doesn’t take much imagination, since these movies, following the peplum model, tend to dress their male stars in as little as possible. This practice offers little trouble in the case of the handsome and well sculpted Dara Singh, who spends much of King Kong in an outfit that consists of little more than some furry leopard print hot pants and what look to be Ugg boots, but when it forces one to contemplate the hairy and mountainous topography of Emile Czaja’s torso in all its fleshy reality, it can be a bit of a challenge.