I’m in Canada! Or as they say in Quebec, “Ayyy! Mamma mia! I’m inna da Canada!” Or something like that. But at least one person at Teleport City saw fit to get some work done on this roundtable…

As a result of these hijinks, the Sleez Sisters’ legend continues to grow, with Nicky and Pamela building up an enormous, rabid following among Johnny LaGuardia’s young listeners. Of course, we’ll have to take Johnny LaGuardia’s word for that, because we’re not shown any actual evidence of this overwhelming public response until the film’s conclusion. Before that, we just have to make due with the DJ’s grandiose proclamations about how “a new iconoclast has come to save us” and him exclaiming about how his “switchboards are jammed” with calls of support for the two. Finally, Nicky and Pamela make their ultimate statement by dressing up in garbage bags, painting raccoon masks over their eyes, and throwing television sets off of the roofs of various buildings throughout the city. This wouldn’t seem that significant if not for Tim Curry’s rapturous exultations on the subject, which would lead you to believe that it was some kind of profoundly society-challenging act.

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