No, I have not forgotten this month’s roundtable – my contribution is finished and will be posted later this month. I just couldn’t resist first reviewing a movie from those mischief-makers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. This particular movie from them – Surrender – is different from their usual stuff. First, it’s a comedy, somewhat rare for them. Second, it’s a more mature-themed movie. Michael Caine had this to say about the movie in his autobiography: “I was surprised it flopped since I had a marvellous co-star, Sally Field, and a director who is still one of the funniest men I have ever met – Jerry Belson. The script too seemed pretty hilarious, but as Harry Saltzman once said to me: ‘It’s amazing how often the public is wrong, isn’t it?’ And to repeat Sam Goldwyn on the subject: ‘If the public don’t want to go and see a movie you can’t stop them.’ That’s what happened to Surrender, the last movie I was to make as a resident of my youthful dreamworld, Hollywood.”