tohosetbThis just in (courtesy DVD Drive-In): on 18th August (squeee!), Sony will be releasing an ICONS OF SCI-FI: TOHO COLLECTION, which will comprise Mothra, The H-Man, and Battle In Outer Space. All three will be in widescreen, and the set will include the Japanese and English-language versions of each.

As with their previous Hammer set, Sony are asking the public to vote for their favourite cover art at Amazon.

I should also mention that (with very little warning) Mondo Macabro will be releasing The Bollywood Horror Collection Volume 3 on 19th May. This will contain Mahakaal, the Bollywood version of A Nightmare On Elm Street, and Tahkhana, about “Two sisters, separated as children, who share the secret of a hidden treasure. Years later, their secret falls into the hands of a bunch of sleazy adventurers. What none of them know is that the treasure is guarded by a hideous monster, animated by the blood of a vengeful black magician.”

In other important news, Criterion have secured the rights to Roman Polanski’s Repulsion; they will be releasing both DVD and BluRay versions, containing a new, restored 1.85 HD digital transfer,¬†a commentary¬†by Polanski and Catherine Deneuve, and documentaries on the film’s production. Release date is 28th July.

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