How glad I am to have not been a hippie. I think the main reason why I have a negative look towards hippies and the youth of the ’60s comes from reading back issues of Mad magazine when I was young. Artists like Dave Berg would always draw them with impossibly long hair (wouldn’t they be hot under all that hair?) and clothing that was ragged and laughable-looking. They were also usually portrayed as being idiots, with all their pot-smoking and constant proclamations of “Peace!” Even though what I observed from Mad magazine and other sources about hippies repulsed me to that lifestyle, I must admit at the same time I was almost fascinated by it. Why would young people intentionally drop out of the mainstream and do all those negative (to me) things? To this day I still feel this way. That’s why I decided to review The Hippie Revolt for this roundtable, to get some sort of answer to this question. Did this documentary give me answers? Read the review and find out.