Zombies are roaming Texas. I am not making this up: it is absolutely true. Actual Maggot-ridden Zombies Are Roaming Texas. An insect parasite lays eggs in its host, and when the larvae hatch, they eat away the host’s brain, causing it to shamble aimlessly — literally mindlessly — for about two weeks. Then the host’s head falls off… and the parasites emerge to infect new hosts. What’s more, the Government has a hand in the spread of the parasite. Didn’t you always just know this is how things would happen?

I guess it might come as a bit of an anticlimax to reveal that the zombies aren’t human: they’re ants. And the Government involvement is merely USDA approval of the parasites as a natural anti-pest tool.

Nevertheless, I can smell a SyFy Orijinul Moovy (Black Swarm II: Entomological Boogaloo?) already being made…

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