Teleport City’s Man in Australia weighs in:

The thing with Stone that makes it so important is if you pull apart the elements that make up this film, you can see it’s cinematic progeny throughout the next twenty years (or more) of Australian film production. If you look at the bikie and road element, you can see the direct influence in films such as Mad Max, The Road Warrior and The Chain Reaction (AKA: Nuclear Run). Which in turn spun off into films like Turkey Shoot (AKA: Blood Camp Thatcher / Escape 2000), Deadend Drive-In (AKA: Dead End), and Salute of The Jugger (Blood of Heroes). If you look at the crime element, which granted, isn’t really expanded upon in Stone, but it’s the beginning of a trend in Australian cinema, you can see the offshoots in films such as Ghosts of the Civil Dead, Stir, Fortress, and even Chopper. And I don’t think it is such a huge leap to compare Stone with Nick Cave / John Hillcoat’s Kangaroo Western, The Proposition – the primary difference being (apart from The Proposition being a historical piece) is that in Stone the central unit is a motorcycle club, whereas in The Proposition it is about family. But both feature main characters that have to go in ‘undercover’ into a disenfranchised community and solve a problem. And that’s just the influence in Australia. This is not the time for a discussion about violent post-apocalyptic Italian barbarian films!!!

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