Mati Suri
Mati Suri (2009)

That’s Rizal Mantovani; and the “golden hits” are any number of other famous horror films that have been “orchestrated” into… ummm… oh, hell. This pun isn’t worth the effort. Let me start again.

After a suicide attempt, a young woman named Abel finds herself faced with some very mysterious events. Is she being haunted? Is somone trying to scare her to death? Or are the two or three or four possible twists in the narrative all in her mind, a result of her traumatic mati suri (apparent death)?

Yes, this is a Maxima Pictures production, but relax: this time it’s only the heroine that’s potentially brain-damaged… not the script. You’ve seen it all before, no doubt; but if you’re like me, you’ll have a lot of fun seeing it all again.