The leader of the Martians, Argos insists that from now on they all speak Spanish because the country they are going to invade on the planet Earth is Mexico. Why Mexico? Maybe they like Corona? Before landing, the Martian’s announce their intentions by interrupting television broadcasts around the world. Initially everybody thinks their television is on the fritz but slowly the Martians come into view. The leader announces that they are from Mars (naturally). Then states:‘Instead of using your scientific advancements to better humanity, you Earthlings use them for your own destruction. When you wage war with conventional weapons you are the only victims of your ambition and selfishness. But with the discovery of nuclear energy and your mad experiments with the atomic bomb, you are on the verge of destroying the entire planetary system.’

The Martians want all the governments on the planet to accept total disarmament; eliminate all borders and adopt a unified language. Next they want a global government established, which does not discriminate based on colour or creed, and finally and most importantly, Earth has to give up war forever. If these terms are not agreed to, the Martian will annihilate everybody on the planet.

Earthlings, being as cynical and self centred as we are, dismiss the transmission as a comedy skit.