Hi, all. Recently I suffered a computer meltdown. I’m still cleaning up the mess. One of the main casualties is a lot of the older site material, which I’m have some trouble recovering, although I hope to get it all back eventually.

In the meantime, I wanted to work on something not too mentally taxing, and decided to overhaul an old peplum review; because nothing says ‘relaxation’ like beefy guys in man-skirts and endless opportunities for bottom jokes – right?


When a prophecy threatens all Greece, Hercules, his son, Hylus, and Androcles, King of Thebes, set out to find the source of the danger. They inadvertently end up in Atlantis, where Hercules battles a shape-shifting god, an evil queen who is hot, hot, HOT, and a great many worshippers of Uranus [*snicker*].


(Oh – and there are some stone boobies, if that’s a problem for anyone.)


Edited to add:  as a small beginning, I have recovered, re-formatted and added screenshots to La Fatiche Di Ercole and Ercole E La Regina Di Lidia, and re-formatted La Vendetta Di Ercole.

And frankly, I think I’ve seen about as much of men in mini-skirts as I can bear for the present.