In a case of form and content matching each other all too well, technical difficulties prevented me from posting my Roundtable Review on time this month. Er, last month. And no: not all the technical difficulties got solved. But the longer I wait to post, the deeper the shame…

Anyway, I thought I might have some competition for the most embarrassing revelation in last month’s roundtable. Ha! Not even close. In fact, I found this entry so humiliating, I decided to do it as a podcast. That way you’d have had to suffer listen all the way through before you even found out what the title of the movie was! Diabolical, yes?

Actually, in the event, this podcast turned out to be a podcast about why the original podcast didn’t get, umm, podcasted. It features many layers of meta-embarrassment. But hey — if I’m going to tarnish my own reputation, I might as well do a thorough job of it!

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