The choice of “From Beyond” as the source story for a movie is not necessarily an intuitive choice. It’s seven pages of things that the human eye cannot behold, and really it doesn’t have much “story” to it other than “I saw stuff and almost died, but then I shot the machine and lived, only to wish I hadn’t.” Other than the framing device, the whole story consists of sitting down in front of a machine. Character development consists of describing what a shriveled gargoyle Tillinghast has become. And, again, all of the visuals are meant to be literally impossible things which the eye is incapable of perceiving. But then, Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna’s first choice was not this story. After the success of Herbert West: Re-Animator, the follow-up effort was originally slated to be Dagon. That didn’t end up happening, though, because Charles Band didn’t think that fish-people were sufficiently scary. With the potential for special effects in the mid-1980s for this crew, maybe he was right… but then, given that my experiences with Full Moon films have basically been a string of letdowns, I dunno if Charles Band is the authority I’d bow to in terms of what’s scary.

Only one more review to go before the gate is unlocked and we all go mad…

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