I remember watching the first Species movie when it first came out, and I remember being somewhat let down by it. I reluctantly picked up Species II years after it was first released. I was expecting something bad, but I was really surprised by what I watched. This movie was INSANE. It reminded me of one of those exploitive category III Hong Kong movies like Robotrix, but with a much bigger budget. You can bet I was pumped up to see Species III after that. But while I thought its production values were acceptable for a straight-to-video movie, and that it had a number of gory and naked women moments, I thought it was somewhat talky, somewhat slow, and overlong (it ran close to two hours!) It didn’t get me pumped up to see the next entry, Species – The Awakening, when it was first released, and I only decided to see it recently when I was able to rent it for just a buck. Read and see if I wanted my money back afterwards.

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