Curse of the Stone Hand, etc. etc.Happy New Year, everyone!

Is everybody still suitably hung over? Good! Then let’s celebrate the end of the Naughties, and the beginning of the Teens, with a movie from the 1960’s that tried to make a 50’s-style horror film out of two flicks from the 40’s. Yes, it’s time for a Jerry Warren film… and not just any Jerry Warren film, but one of his least known, least sought-after and least interesting movies!

But just in case you thought that wasn’t mind-numbing enough… I’ve also unearthed the two Spanish-language films that Warren cannibalized for his, uhh, unique vision. In fact, this review really has much more to do with La casa está vacía (1945) and La Dama de la muerte (1946) than Warren’s film, Curse of the Stone Hand (1965). If you’ve ever seen Curse of the Stone Hand, I think you’ll understand why.

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