Yeah, okay.  So I didn’t quite manage my goal of plugging the most glaring holes in my coverage of the last decade before the new one began.  No matter.  I can always take the pedant’s way out by claiming that the absence of a Year Zero in the Gregorian Calendar makes 2010 technically the last year of the aughts rather than the onset of the teens, right?

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), in which you’d retreat into a private fantasy world, too, if this were your childhood…

The Ruins (2008), in which the irritating stick-in-the-mud is right, as always…

Saw (2004), which is basically a full-contact version of those extra-credit logic puzzles you always got wrong in school…


Silent Hill (2006), in which the underground coal fire that’s been raging for 30 years is honestly the least of the town’s problems.

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