Nikka/Nikkatsu month rambles on, this time with David serving up:

The job is a fairly simple one. It is to transport a bigshot business man to Nagawa, but from the outset there are signs that this job is a little strange. Firstly, when they collect the car provided for them, Hanada and Kasuga find a dead body on the back seat. Hanada simply assumes it was the previous owner of the vehicle and arranges to dump the body on the way. Once they collect their ‘passenger’, a mysterious black car begins to tail them. In fact, at every length of the journey it appears that they are being followed. The tension begins to take its toll on Kasuga who begins to drink heavily — it is intimated that Kasuga was kicked out of the Yakuza because he has lost his nerve, and now drinks to conceal his fears.

Also, I have myself a dram of Nikka Whisky from the Barrel.