Time for more Science In The Reel World! Sometimes movie science turns up in the strangest places. Over the last couple of weeks I have, quite unknowingly, stumbled upon two romantic melodramas from the Golden Years Of Hollywood in which the hero turned out to be a scientist.

The other thing that these films have in common is that, in thus describing them, I’m using the word “hero” very loosely indeed…


HIS BROTHER’S WIFE (1936) – which manages to transport Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck from the nightclubs of New York to a laboratory in an unidentified jungle, and sees them swapping cocktails and gambling for spotted fever research. The results are about as credible as you might imagine.

DISHONORED LADY (1947) – in which disillusioned party girl (and closet nymphomaniac) Hedy Lamarr finds romance and a new way of looking at life when she falls for the poor-but-honest scientist living in the apartment below her own. However, her course of science for the soul is interrupted by a nasty case of murder…


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