Hi, all. Just a note to explain my current situation. You may remember that I dropped out of sight last month – it’s about to happen again, if it hasn’t already. I have been targeted by an Italian streaming video site (http://italia-film.com) who have hotlinked to whole bunch of my posters as the access to their videos, and they are slaughtering my bandwidth. I can’t block them directly because they’re just acting as a referral point for their visitors. However, I have put hotlink protection on everything with a “stop thief!’ notice, tried to block the site’s main IP, and also replaced the chief offender, my Zombi poster, with another theft warning. I can only hope this eventually forces them to cut me off. If anyone has any other ideas about how to fight this, please let me know!

I may say that I am astonished to learn how many people there are in the world who evidently have nothing else to do but watch Zombi