Stalking Sammo Hung, Joyce Godenzi, and Simon Yam



If you are looking for a sign that Hong Kong is lifting itself out of the abyss it’s film industry collapsed into in the early days of the new millennium, Kung Fu Chefs is not the sign for which you are questing. It’s cheap, shoddy, sloppy, and generally idiotic. But it’s not lazy, it’s not mean-spirited, and it’s not lethargic. This isn’t the kind of movie that will turn someone into a Hong Kong movie fan, but if you’ve been one for a long time, and you remember the old days of renting VHS tapes from the local Chinese grocery store and sifting through all sorts of goofy junk while boiling your bag of frozen potstickers, then you might, like me, find a movie worth enjoying amid all this nonsense.