The problem with this movie is not that it is science fiction, nor that it is horror, nor even that it is a comedy. The problem is that it is also a musical. Its budget is a problem as well. Cub scout troops have bigger budgets than this film.

Review Snippet:
The best part of the film has to be Abdulla alarming a number of stout female customers with his unorthodox meat processing methods as he sings about being the “Big Meat Eater.” I almost got into the movie, and then the women (who are about as attractive as sacks of potatoes wearing granny blouses) all start rubbing their necks and chests.

Damn you, film! What do you want from me? Disgust? You’ve got it! Suffering? Present, in abundance! My blood? You…actually, you cannot have that. I need it

Lesson Learned:
Beef is an adhesive.


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