Remember how the mayor in “Jaws” was worried about the shark scaring off the tourists? This is the same movie. Just substitute “tarantulas” for “shark” and “oranges” for “tourists,” and…well I guess that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it?

Review Snippet:
With the warehouse infested with tarantulas, the only hope of rescuing the crop without destroying the oranges is to use the sound of the deadly tarantula wasp to put the spiders to sleep. Unfortunately, nobody in Finleyville has a pet tarantula wasp. (Who does?) So they use a hive of bees filtered through a sound mixer and amplifier to mimic the sound of a tarantula wasp. While the spiders are paralyzed with fear, Bert and his cohorts can pick them up and put them in buckets. Genius! The problem with this plan is that they don’t have any equipment to record the buzzing bees. Somebody has to shake the bees in front of a microphone the whole time that the spider removal operation is going on.

Lesson Learned:
Spider fangs cannot penetrate flannel.


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