The spirited exchanges between the hero and the villain are a treat, and the atmosphere is great, but what makes this movie special is the demon. It is a truly memorable addition to cinema’s museum of monsters.

Review Snippet:
The key to John’s dilemma is understanding the rules governing Karswell’s demon. Back in 1957 you could not walk into a bookstore and buy a copy of “Summoning Demons for Dummies.” Heck, you still can’t. I even searched for the title. In that same nether vein, John also couldn’t Google “demon parchment Karswell” to look for answers. The Internet had not been invented. 1957 is so incredibly far in the past that Pong hadn’t been invented yet (and we all know how useful Pong is).

Lesson Learned:
80% of England is covered by wallpaper; 95% of which is ugly, 50% hideously so.