It’s all sci-fi, all month at Teleport City, and this is the right way to kick it off:


Mission Stardust is the only film to be based on the long running and voluminous series of German pulp novels featuring the science fiction hero Perry Rhodan. It is universally hated by Perry Rhodan fans for the very good reason that it is quite terrible — that is, if you’re definition of “terrible” can be stretched to encompass a film featuring amusingly smarmy, two-fisted astronaut heroes, a truly swankadelic soundtrack, some quite good looking women, pop art set design, and a climactic sequence that finds sexy nurses with machine guns doing battle with robots who shoot lasers out of their eyes.

And coming in just before we devoted ourselves entirely to science fiction for the month of November…


Fireball teaches us the valuable lesson that you shouldn’t try to solve your problems by competing in a brutal and dehumanizing bloodsport tournament; you should solve your problems by shooting people in the face.