Or at least, blog visitor Ed did, back when I reviewed Zombi Holocaust So you can blame him.



This, the third panel in the Ian McCulloch Triptych, finds our hero playing an alcoholic ex-astronaut, drummed out of the service after returning from a mission to Mars babbling about a mysterious light and a cave full of green, football-sized, egg-like objects.

Two years later, an apparently abandoned ship floats into New York City Harbour. On board are the mutilated bodies of the crew, while the hold is found to be full of strange green objects. When disturbed, these objects burst and shower anyone nearby with a fluid that makes them swell up and explode.


The job of saving the world from this peculiar alien invasion falls to the boozy astronaut, the feisty female colonel who cashiered him in the first place, and a mouthy NY cop who for obvious reasons keeps having his self-deprecating remarks taken at face value.

In other words, the greatest trio of superheroes since The New Justice Team.

[No boobs, but some blood and guts – so probably NSFW.]


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