Once more, I delve into a place where man should not go, and it’s full of ponies.

Why do all of the ponies have tramp stamps? Why do I care if the Smooze gives them PMS? WTF is up with the Bushwoolies? Why am I watching this?

Review Snippet:
One of my biggest complaints about the ponies is that all of them have tramp stamps. No, I’m not kidding. Each and every My Little Pony has a design on both sides of their hindquarters that corresponds to their name. So, the name and tramp stamp are connected. North Star has a compass rose on each cheek, Shady has sunglasses for a tramp stamp, and Sweet Stuff has muffins tattooed all over her butt. What would you think of a girl with muffins on her fanny who wants you to call her “Sweet Stuff?” I’ll tell you what you’d think, and it involves sneaking out before she wakes up and never calling her again.

Lesson Learned:
I need to watch more movies with radioactive mutants, killer robots, and RANDOM GRATUITOUS BREAST SHOTS.