I always thought Nathan and I were amiable toward each other. Sure, we were two very different people, but we always seemed to get along well. So I don’t know what it was that I said or did that made him lash out at me with such venom, seeking with every fiber of his being to destroy me and anyone within a 5km radius by unleashing upon me my Secret Krampus (Santa obviously had nothing to do with this) gift:

Movies try to evoke a wide range of emotions and reactions from their viewers. Shock, delight, sadness, joy, despair — in the century or so that humans have been making movies, the bag of tricks film makers use to manipulate our emotions has become large indeed, and the range of emotions and experiences movies seek to simulate has grown to encompass pretty much everything we’re likely or unlikely to ever encounter in real life. There are, however, a few mental states and experiences that, while a movie could potentially ask us to invest ourselves in, it probably shouldn’t. At the top of my list of experiences I don’t need recreated for me by a movie would be the frustrating tedium of phone-based customer support.