Secret Santa's Revenge

Intercessor: Another Rock 'n' Roll NightmareWearing out its welcome like a Christmas tree in mid-February — or a visiting in-law whose flight back home has been cancelled — here’s the follow-up to my Secret Santa roundtable entry:

Intercessor: Another Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

This is all Andrew’s fault, though he may try and deny it. Still, I’d like to think there’s a little extra misery in this movie that spreads, like a nasty winter cold from a shared cup of wassail, to all my fellow B-Masters. This is, after all, the only film that Ken Begg ever sent back to Amazon as being just… too… dreadful. Also, if you’ve read Nathan Shumate’s book The Golden Age of Crap — and if you haven’t, what’s keeping you? — you’ll remember from his review of Robot Ninja that he used to work in the comic illustration field; so I can’t wait to horrify him with the ineptitude of the comic-book illustrations… which are used not only to pad out the action, but to substitute for entire major characters! It’s a Holiday Crapnucopia!

Space Gods help us, every one!

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