Dr. Freex put “The Spirit” under my tree for this Sadistic Santa gift exchange. It’s not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that Freex is getting soft in his old age.

What I am saying is that I like my bad movies to be a lot better at being bad than this one.

Review Snippet:
After the battle, the Octopus returns to his subterranean lair with a mysterious box that he stole from a mysterious woman in a hole at the bottom of the city’s sea. When the super criminal opens the box, he finds that it is full of bling. He becomes very upset, because he didn’t want a box full of bling. What the Octopus was looking for was a vase in the box in the hole at the bottom of the sea. Inside the vase is supposed to be the blood of Hercules. All of the cloned morons saw the woman, Sand Saref, leave with the other box. They was watching.

Deprived of the blood in the vase in the box from the hole at the bottom of the sea, the Octopus lets his rage get the best of him. He turns into Samurai Jack and kills the morons. What this accomplishes is a mystery, because the only way he can replace the dead morons is to clone even more morons. Meaning that the new morons are going to be just as stupid as the ones he just chopped up.

Lesson Learned:
Never, ever make a movie in Albuquerque.