December is a month full of spies and espionage at Teleport City, and we’re kicking things off in…well, not style.


As alluded to earlier, The Devil’s Man‘s production exhibits an almost poignant level of impoverishment. It’s interior scenes are so tightly shot that, for all we can see, they could just as easily have been set in a curtained-off corner of a warehouse or the cramped basement rec room of the director’s house as in an actual studio — and I suspect that in many cases their backdrops consisted of little more than a blanket hung over an exposed drain pipe. The resulting over-reliance on extreme close-ups and tight two-shots makes for a claustrophobic viewing experience, to the extent that your enjoyment of the film will depend a lot on how much you’d like to be locked in a closet with Guy Madison for seventy-five minutes.


Repeal Day in the US is December 5th. So we thought we’d put a twist on our espionage theme and revise and expand considerably our Bond’s Bar material to give you BOTTLED IN BOND, a rambling, insane primer on how to drink whiskey like James Bond.