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Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare (1987)

I was going to head this, “For those about to suck, we salute you!” But alas, that’s really the wrong band.

Andrew Borntreger of chose the movie, but if this review leaves you as Dazed and Confused as I was, then it’s Nobody’s Fault but Mine (damn it, that’s still the wrong band).

If you’re expecting a decent movie, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming…

Oh, for crying out loud, the heavy metal band in this movie is Thor: can anybody come up with a clever Thor song-title reference? Or any Thor song-title reference?! I’m stumped. Guess I’ll have to lean on Patton Oswalt’s impression of a guitar solo instead: Squibbly Blabbly Doo! That makes about as much sense as this movie.

Anyway. Welcome to my Nightmare. No, no, wait: that’s Alice Blooper… Cooper! Aw, just read the damned review…

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