It’s more than a year since I promised in passing that I would, at long last, be wrapping up the original Amityville series by reviewing the final entry in the franchise. So what took so long? Simple: after making that promise, I sat down and watched the damn thing.


An uncomfortably blended family moves into a house built by on the remains of a property that burnt down under mysterious circumstances. In the shed at the back of the property, the father finds an elaborate dollhouse, which he gives to his young daughter. But as soon as the dollhouse enters the home, the family begins to be assailed by strange and possibly deadly forces…

Having even less to do with the early films than its immediate predecessors – which is saying something – this final entry in the Amityville series almost made me glad to see the back of the entire franchise.



I do love that house…


(And also at long last, I have reformatted The Amityville Curse (1990) and added some screenshots – such as they are; it’s not exactly the most visually arresting film.)